Louisiana: St. Tammany Parish Emergency Operations Update on Flooding and Damage

By Heidi VanderVelde

St. Tammany Parish employees drove the length of St. Tammany’s this morning, inspecting flooding, road conditions and debris fields.

As expected, Hurricane Ike’s primary impact was along the southern coastline, on Lake Pontchartrain’s northern shore. Streets remain impassable across the parish from Indian Village Road, through Carr Drive, Palm Lake, Lacombe Harbor, Lake Rd. in Lacombe, the Mandeville Lakefront to Jefferson Street, Lewisburg, and into the town of Madisonville. The Town of Madisonville remains closed.

Water has receded significantly in some areas, particularly in Madisonville and Highway 11. Many roads, including Bayou Liberty Road, and the streets of Coin du Lestin, were still impassable.

A section of Lakeview Drive, south of Slidell, appears to have a washed away. No homes appeared have been damaged by the wash-out. St. Tammany Parish Public Works crews are moving equipment to the area to make a temporary repair when the storm surge recedes.

The winds appeared to be shifting toward southeasterly, which will push some water back into the north shore. A wind shift is expected in the next 24 hours that will bring the winds from a more westerly direction and aid in the drainage of the storm surge.

No solid data will be available regarding the number of homes flooded until water recedes.

“The storm surge was significantly higher than we received from Hurricane Gustav,” said Parish President Kevin Davis. “It peaked about a foot higher in Lake Pontchartrain during Hurricane Ike. It is now going to be slow draining off.”


Source: “http://www.stpgov.org/news.php?id=899.”  St. Tammany Parish Government.  13 September 2008, 12:00 PM.

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