Texas: Galveston Residents- What to do If Your Home Is Damaged by Hurricane Ike

By Heidi VanderVelde

Department of Planning and Community Development

City of Galveston

823 Rosenberg, Room 401 – City Hall

Phone: (409) 797-3660 








Mailing Address:

P O Box 779

Galveston, Texas 77553

Please review the following guidelines:

1. Contact the Department of Planning and Community Development for information relating to proper permits. All work repair will require a permit in advance.

2. Report any utility service damage to the proper agency. (Exposed lines, running water or sewer, etc.)

3. Please do not start any repairs or demolition without first obtaining an approved permit from the City of Galveston. Any work started before a permit is issued will be subject to additional fees.

4. Response to beach erosion and coastal structure damage will also require permits from the Planning Division, in advance of any work..


  • Block the sidewalk, parking lane, etc. temporarily with a construction dumpster, temporary fence, machinery, debris, etc.
  • Building or replacing a fence
  • Replacing a roof, or portions of a roof
  • Building or modifying a deck
  • Adding rooms, decks, porches, accessory buildings
  • Installing new siding
  • Building or modifying a sign
  • Building retaining wall
  • Food establishments (new or altered) require additional permit for grease traps
  • Constructing new driveway (requires right-of-way permit from Public Works, and subject to applicable Beach/Dune regulations from Division of Planning)
  • Replacing garage doors or enclosures
  • Replacement of utility services
  • Repairs to decks, porches, accessory areas
  • Place any fill on a property (requires drainage plan), and subject to applicable Beach/Dune regulations
  • Partial demolition of a structure
  • We are here to help you with any questions, so please contact staff in advance of your project to avoid any delays in obtaining your permit(s).

When in doubt, check with the permitting division at 409/797-3660 or 409/797-3620. Construction without a permit may result in additional permit fees, and may result in corrective action through Municipal Court.

Types of permits to obtain:

There are several types of permits available, depending on the type of work, all of which are to obtained from the Department of Planning and Community Development:

1. Emergency Building Permit – Expedited permit for repairs associated with storm damage. This permit is required for all general repairs, construction and demolition work.

2. Emergency Beachfront Construction Permit – Expedited permit for repairs to any property located within 1000-feet of the mean high tide line. This permit must be obtained for any work such as exterior structure damage, utility repairs, exterior property repairs, dune work, sand placement, etc., and is in addition to required building permits.

3. Building Permit (non-emergency) – Permit for repairs, renovation, new construction, etc.

4. Certificate of Appropriateness: For repairs to structures within the historic districts that do not require a building permit (less than $500.00 value).

5. Beachfront Construction Permit (non-emergency)– Permit for all exterior additions, new construction, dune restoration, sand placement associated with properties located within 1000-feet of the mean high tide line.

6. Electrical or Mechanical Permits – Permit associated with repairs of electrical services or HVAC services.

Permit applications can be obtained from the Department offices in City Hall or from the City’s website at www.cityofgalveston.org

Other Important contacts:

Department of Public Works (water and sewer)

(409) 797-3630

County Health Department (septic information)

(409) 938-2300




Texas General Land Office


City Staff is prepared to assist you with your permitting needs. We will have continued presence in the field to expedite the permitting process and identify any threats to public safety.


Source:  “News 2008:  What to do if Your Property or Structure is Damaged by Hurricane Ike.”  City of Galveston.  11 September 2008. 

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