Texas: Tiki Island and Dickinson Residents of Galveston County- Please Do Not Return Yet

By Heidi VanderVelde
  • Tiki Island- Closed until further notice. (posted on 2:34 PM, 9/13/08)
  • Dickinson- Do not return to Dickinson per Mayor Masters.  There are no utilities.  (posted on 1:53 PM, 9/13/08).

Source:  “Active Incidents.”  Galveston County Office of Emergency Management.  13 September 2008.

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16 Responses to “Texas: Tiki Island and Dickinson Residents of Galveston County- Please Do Not Return Yet”

  1. Tracy Springfield Says:

    I was just checking to see if anyone new how homes on Tiki Island are? My aunt and uncle have a home there and are worried. Someone please help me.

  2. Julia Says:

    Not my site , but people having hard time finding out info for tiki.
    so I found this

    found this link ,hope its helpful..
    sad the news coverage repeats for 12- 24 hrs etc same pictures & stories. all day today even with helicopters out.
    also google emergency managment tiki has site now.
    would be nice if we could get more updates! this is not much but hey most houses survived they say!
    woot! god bless you all

    Galveston County
    Tiki Island Damage Assessment
    by Jim Guidry
    Saturday, September 13, 2008


  3. JB Williamson Says:

    Check Guidry News they have great pictures and damage was not as severe as many thought. From the looks of these pictures from Jim Guidry Tiki faired better than Galveston or Bayou Vista.

  4. Donna Petrovic Says:

    We have a home on Tahiti at the end of the street . Any news, Donna

  5. kim norman Says:

    The houses above the 1st level are AOK for the most part. 1st levels are gone. this is a huge positive.

    Water Power and sewage questionable at best.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Tiki Island at beginning of video
    I looked at Coastguard footage and compared to Google Map
    Houses on the following streets are visible.. albeit from a distance.
    Isles End Rd
    Bamaku Bend
    Tiki Drive
    Sunset Circle
    Corner of Easterly Drive and Tiki Drive
    Kah Me Ha Dr
    Some ground on Neptune Circle and Windsong Way are visible
    Westerly drive
    Sampan Drive
    Coast guard camera jumps and then
    These streets are only visible from a distance.
    Windward Way
    Ensign Circle
    Tiki Drive
    Admiral Cricle
    Commander Dr

    Remember these pictures were taken Saturday.. so there was likely more water at that time.

  7. Heidi VanderVelde Says:

    GuidryNews.com has the latest reports out of Galveston County, and KHOU.com has damage forums where residents can post information regarding their communities.

  8. Shellie Says:

    I can’t find the video from Tiki Island. Can someone please tell me which video it is on?

  9. AConnaughton Says:

    Thanks for all of the updates on Tiki. We are trying to keep our in-laws who live on Bora Bora informed and also our aunt & uncle who live on Sunset Cr. Please keep posting updates and any pics that you find!

  10. Jonathan Says:


    Link to video of Tiki Island

  11. Harry Says:

    Does anyone have any updates?

    We need to go home we have no gas, food, water,ice or MONEY to continue to stay on the side of the road.


  12. Donna Petrovic Says:

    Galveston is letting people in frem 6am to 6 pm, what about Tiki?

  13. AConnaughton Says:

    My in laws went today to Tiki.. they are letting people in until 6pm and you have to show proof ID that you live there and if you are caught there after 6pm the fine is $2,000.

  14. AConnaughton Says:

    Tiki Update Video from NEWS http://www.khou.com/video/news-index.html?nvid=283007

  15. Claudia Molina Says:

    My husband and I went to Tiki yesterday. You are able to enter with your ID and tiki pass. A lot of debris in the road (I45 south) including toys, boats, refrigerators, etc. Not a single home collapsed in Tiki. The damaged is mostly on the first floors and garage area. Some homes have lots of mud on the 1st floors. Watch out for snakes and lots of debri. There was even a piano in my neighbor’s frontyard… Our home is in Paradise Dr.

  16. Claudia Molina Says:

    Mayor spoke on fox news 09/16/08.

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