Texas: Port Arthur Food, Water, and Ice Locations, Beaumont Working on Setting up PODs

By Heidi VanderVelde

There are several services set up for citizen of Port Arthur to assist with food, water and ice for as long as supplies last.

PODS – Gilham Circle  9:00-6:00  Ice and Water for as long as it lasts.  Provided by Convoy for Hope.

Salvation Army – West Port Arthur Road (Port Acres) at the Market Basket.

Salvation Army – Washington Park at Joe Lewis and Thomas Blvd.

Salvation Army – Jefferson and Gulfway Drive.

Salvation Army – Port Arthur City Hall in Downtown Port Arthur.

Hwy 365 and Twin City – near HEB.

The City of Beaumont is working on setting up PODS (Points of Distribution) for ice and water.  At this time, assets and locations have not been determined.  It could be tomorrow before they are established.

The City of Beaumont acquired several large generators that has boosted the abilities of our water and sewer systems.  The systems operations have greatly improved since yesterday.   This is good news in relation to
re-establishing the infrastructure of the City.  Unfortunately,  the news is not as good for our friends in Mid and South County as well as Orange County.  They continue to work very hard to re-establish services as they also work on Search and Rescue efforts.

Entergy is working extremely hard to restore electricity to our area.  Very limited area’s in Beaumont have been restored to assist with the functions at the Hospitals.

The LaBelle-Fannett Fire Department is the Command Center for Search and Rescue Units.  It is NOT a site set for the public.  There are no assets provided to the public at this site.

Source:   “Water, Ice, Food, and Service Information.“  Southeast Texas Emergency Management.  15 September 2008, 12:06.

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