Texas: Victoria County Trash-Pick up Details; Evacuated Animals Are Now at the Victoria County Animal Shelter

By Heidi VanderVelde

1. Victoria County received almost no damage from Hurricane Ike. Anyone who evacuated from Victoria can return.

2. Many evacuees from the Victoria Evacuation Hub have returned to Victoria and others are expected today. Pets evacuated from the Victoria Community Center Evacuation Hub but not yet picked up, have been taken to the Victoria County Animal Shelter at 122 Perimeter. The phone number there is 578-3564.

3.TRASH PICKUP THIS WEEK: As a result of suspended trash collection service due to the threat of Hurricane Ike, the City will have a special trash collection operation next week. On their normal trash pickup day, residents on both the automated and manual pickup routes should have all their household garbage on the curb by 7 a.m.

Residents on the automated garbage collection system will not be tagged if there are extra trash bags of household garbage and all extra bags will be picked up. Be sure any extra trash bags are at least five feet away from the automated trash cart.  This special collection does not include furniture, large items like refrigerators or stoves, or tree limbs. This week will be spend picking up household garbage only.

Crews will be working until dark to collect the City’s household garbage. Residents should be patient if their garbage is still on the curb when they return from work. Residents should leave the garbage on the curb and it will be picked up later that evening or the next day.

For more information about this schedule, call 485-3220.
Source:  “Hurricane Ike Update.” City of Victoria.

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